Business Productivity with Software Solution

KadampanTM offers highly secured and responsive web solutions for all kind of business purpose enterprises. On the front end, a Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability happens when dynamic data is sent to a user without being validated for malicious content. In the case of tweet deck, the dynamic data was the tweet, and the malicious content was the executable JavaScript code being tweeted. HTML5 elements and API’s have been known to contain security vulnerabilities every so often. Although browsers are quick to implement fixes, it’s always a good idea to keep this in mind when working with sensitive content. provides an overview of vulnerabilities in HTML5 elements, along with the browser versions that are vulnerable to them.

Technologies We Use

Updated and secured programming technologies have been used to develop business websites with reliable managerial reports generation.


HTML5 is released as the stable version of the series used to develop the client side UI design of web pages. Moreover HTML5 has the extended supportability to responsive design variant for handheld devices which all are capable for using internet accessing and borrowsing web pages.


Implementation of CSS3 to populate decorations over the HTML elements in designs, optimized with derriving concepts in order to eliminate code redundancy and unique design patterns would be applied among all other similar web solution makers provides


Server side programming script, developed with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm under certain hight secured framework management according to considerations of security as well as threats handling mechanisms.


Client side responsive framework, that we are implementing for front-end solutions. Easily designed to interact with users on their business processing without making inconvenience on resizing and enlarging processes while operating same thing from different device screens.


Stabalized and the most secured server side framework, used to implement server processing and secured session handling to protect your business data from hacking and other types of vulnerabilities comes via internet communication while pursuing a business transaction with a concern


Database Management System with encrypted data passing with AJAX and other programming scripts, lite weight and quick processing for cross update of information over the server and client.